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Pricing Guide: How Much Does Synthetic Grass Price?

Synthetic grass is changing how mortgage holders in bright and hot regions can keep a delightful green yard without overspending on manures, proficient administrations, and consistent upkeep. With synthetic grass, mortgage holders stay away from that load of undertakings and still have a lovely, green yard for their kids and pets to play on. Notwithstanding, few out of every odd kind of synthetic grass is something very similar. Know the various kinds of synthetic grass for your yard and know the synthetic grass Brisbane prices .

The three most normal synthetic turf types are: 

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon

Each turf material sort differs in quality and price. The more excellent turf you purchase, the more you can hope to pay. If you discover synthetic turf selling for a minimal price, it may not generally be the quality you need. 


Polypropylene is the most un-strong turf material of the three. Weighty pedestrian activity and high temperatures can essentially influence polypropylene’s appearance. 

Polypropylene’s synthetic grass Brisbane prices ordinarily goes between $2.90 to $7.75 per square foot. It’s generally appropriate for obscure regions or indoor use where people strolling through and temperatures are low. 


  • It now and then sells at a lower price than polyethylene and nylon
  • It can be utilized as beautifying indoor grass
  • Works well in obscure regions


  • Not an optimal turf for outside use where temperatures and people walking through are high


Assuming you need a counterfeit grass that seems as though the genuine article, consider a synthetic turf made of polyethylene. Polyethylene looks more normal and has a gentler surface than nylon and polypropylene. Polyethylene turf likewise can withstand people strolling through and heat far superior to polypropylene. 

Polyethylene synthetic grass Brisbane prices range between $3.55 to $4.85 per square foot. This synthetic turf grass additionally has great seepage and is non-spongy, settling on it a superb decision for mortgage holders with pets. 


  • It appears as though genuine grass
  • It has a gentler surface than nylon and polyethylene
  • It is more solid than polypropylene
  • Excellent turf for open-air use
  • It is non-permeable and has great seepage, making it an incredible turf for pets


  • Not really strong as nylon, however, some top-notch polyethylene turfs can be practically comparably tough


Nylon is the most sturdy of the three synthetic grass types and the most costly. Synthetic grass Brisbane prices range between $6.05 to $$6.83 per square foot. Nylon synthetic turf can deal with hefty people walking through, weight, and hot temperatures — and still, hold its unique appearance. 

Remember that nylon’s solidness can make it firm. In case you’re searching for a milder surface, polyethylene might be the better decision. Nylon is ordinarily utilized for sports fields or as putting greens. 


  • Most sturdy of the three synthetic turf types
  • Can withstand substantial people walking through, weight, and warmth
  • Excellent turf for sports fields


  • Expensive
  • Nylon’s solidness can make it firm