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The QUIETSPACE acoustic panel is used in various ways the main goal is to absorb all the disturbing voices and echoes that are hindering the back. Many alternation names can be used for the QUIETSPACE acoustic panel which may include the acoustic baffles or the sound barriers. As respective to the name the QUIETSPACE acoustic panel also comes in a variety of shapes you can place them in both ways like the horizontal one or the vertical one. The working scenarios of both types can be similar to one another. Their shape of appearance is changed only not the working. The QUIETSPACE acoustic panel works on the absorption and diffusion principle of the sound. The normal discussion sound is recommended at 55 decibels but in most offices, the sound has exceeded the normal range in the background. So, due to which there is a need to install the best QUIETSPACE acoustic panel in the office to run the office meeting peacefully without any distortion and disturbance from the background. In simple words, we can say that the QUIETSPACE acoustic panel works as the noise reducer. A vertical AUTEX QUIETSPACE acoustic panel is used where a complete noise reduction is necessary. In the AUTEX QUIETSPACE acoustic panels, the panels are of the length from the ceiling to the ground.

To block the noise or the background completely, there is a need to construct a full-length wall that parts the area into two separate ways. That is more costly. So, if you do not want to spend on creating the whole wall but demand for noise reducer then these AUTEX QUIETSPACE acoustic panels are a great option. These acoustic panels also come in a variety if they start to be used with the AUTEX VERTIFACE. From the name of the AUTEX VERTIFACE, gives you variety in different shades and colours. This AUTEX VERTIFACE cannot be applied anywhere, certain factors must be kept in mind before the installation of the AUTEX VERTIFACE material. The material that must be kept in consideration may include the type of furniture that is placed in a certain building or the room size and some of the other factors. An AUTEX VERTIFACE can be vertically applied in a smaller room while horizontally in a medium or larger room will give the more aesthetic and authentic look of a formal or commercial building. Other than noise reduction large notice boards, are also the most important part of commercial buildings like schools, colleges and large organizations. Most institutional as well as business organizations are composed of the number of large notice boards that are used to keep the employees up-to-date and on target. On the larger projects, all the related information will stick on these large notice boards that help the team member to stick to their goal.